Prior appointments are strongly recommended for the following, as it will considerably reduce waiting times

  • Obsteric and other colour dopplers
  • Anomaly ( Level II /TIFA ) Scans
  • NTL/NB, Genetic sonograms
—  Dr. Rajeev's Ultrasound Lab

Prior appointments are essential for

  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Penile, peripheral arterial and venous colour Dopplers
  • Invasive procedures like ,abscess and other drainage procedures, TRUS guided Biopsies ,Amniocentesis and CVS etc.
  • Specialized X rays like , Urethrograms , HSG , HSG under GA, IVP
—  Dr. Rajeev's Ultrasound Lab

Patient Preparation

No preparation required for – Routine X-rays, Mammography, small part ultrasounds (breast, thyroid, scrotum, etc.), Transvagnal, TRUS, Late pregnancies, Colour dopplers.

To know details for patient preparation, – Click here.

Emergency Policy

  • Emergency patients are taken up on priority at the discretion of the Doctors.We strongly recommend that prior intimation is given to the centre regarding the type of emergency , preferably through your treating physician.

    Patients are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointed time. Few extra critical minutes spent on each patient may be life saving , but may cause. Unexpected delays in your scan or any other investigation.

    The patient being examined may be complicated and time consuming and emergencies may need to be given priority ,hence patients are expected to give us a margin of approximately 30 minutes over and above their scheduled appointments.

    Kindly bear with us in these situations as at the end of the day we are all here for the larger goal of Best patient care.

    For specialized obstetric ultrasound scans (NTL/NB/Genetic sonograms, Anomaly scans/level II scans and fetal echocardiographies), amniocentesis etc. please have at least two to three hours at your disposal, as the fetus may not be in a friendly position to begin with and one may need to wait for a while before the fetus is fully examined - "patience" is the key for you and us.

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